Okasha Smart

We provide simple and smart home IOT (Internet of Things) & AI (Artificial Intelligence) based solutions devices for everyday use.

Industry: Electronics
Founded: 2019
Team Size:
+92 3454018886
farhan@powerhighway.net                      Website: https://okashasmart.com/                                                  


  • Smart lighting
  • smart security setups
  • sockets and switches
  • home appliances
  • kitchen appliances
  • Exercise &, health
Our startup deals in the smart products. With Pakistan still being a developing market, we had to think of a certain niche which would cater to the masses and thus home automation and smart products is what came to our mind. Pakistani market was at that time still deprived of quality products that would make their life easy and convenient and this is where Okasha Smart entered into the market. We are bringing top quality smart products into the market which are controlled using your internet connection or voice commands. We cater to residential, industrial, commercial and hospitality sector and we are the only brand in the market with their own fully functional and integrated application that lets user create multiple automations on a single product to suit their need better. If asked about what problem we are solving, we are bringing comfort to our customer and bringing them an experience of using smart products which is different from their conventional way of living their life.

Founded By:

        Muhammad Farhan

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