53 Business Ideas That Will Make You Millionaire In 1 Year

53 Business Ideas That Will Make You Millionaire In 1 Year

This blog is based on the 53 business ideas by Javed Chauhdry. It starts with the introduction of the cleanest place in Pakistan, Hunza. It has the highest level of living conditions as compared to the other parts of the country. One prime example is that there is no one begging around for money or any other thing. The main source of income is tourism. Last year, 7.5 million tourists visit Hunza. The graphs of health and happiness is increasing day by day. This is all happening due to the hard work of the Agha Khan Foundation. This foundation supports the people of Hunza to stand on their own feet and live on their own products and services. This is a beautiful example of place marketing by the Agha Khan Foundation and how they made Hunza valley the biggest success story of the country.

Mr. Chaudry explains in the other part of the video about the small business which people with very limited resources can do and make huge money out of these businesses. He provided a list as follows; 

53 Business Ideas That Will Make You Millionaire In 1 Year

1- Coffee Business 

One person buys coffee beans from Italy and sells them in Islamabad and earns 250000 profit every month from 300 clients. 

2- Pure Milk Business 

Pure milk is delivered in houses in glass bottles and at the end, all bottles are recollected and reused again. 

3- Chappal Business 

Buy leather chapel, Kohati chapel, and khussa from a cobbler in Peshawar and sells these products online to earn a good profit. 

4- Raw Materials 

Sells raw material to restaurants and bakeries at fixed rates. 

5- The Online Quranic Education

We can teach Quran online to kids in various parts of the world. 

6- Online Academy For O&A Level

We can manage to make a team of teachers and teach subjects to O and A level students. There are already 30,000 online academies operating online. 

7- Online Makeup & Natural Skin Medicines

We can make an online makeup teaching business as well as make medicine from natural herbs and sell them through online stores. 

8- Online Cooking 

Teaching recipes online through skype to a wider audience can also be a lucrative business. 

9- Online Songs & Dance 

Giving online dance lessons can also be a good source of income. 

10- Online Baking Store 

Make pastries and cakes and supply them to restaurants and homes. 

11- Online Grocery Store 

Make a logistic company that will collect grocery orders online and then purchase the items and delivers them to the destinations. This will save the time of the client and let you earn through it. 

12- Online Vegetable and Fruits Shop

Sell fresh fruits and vegetables online to earn a good margin through it. 

13- Party Organizer 

There are numerous event organizing companies operating in Pakistan. Try to build your own niche. 

14- Motorcycle Taxi & Ambulance Service

This can be a very good business option by providing motorcycle taxis and ambulance services to the audience. 

15- Online Plumbing & Electric Services

Make an authentic online platform to provide household services. 

16- Online Medicine & Pharmacy Shop

Clients will tell you the name of the medicine they require and you will have to arrange them through various distribution channels. 

17- Application Business 

Hire people and they give applications for passport, gas, electric meters, and court on your behalf. Further, you will charge your clients for updates on their statuses. 

18- Bill Collection 

You can collect the bills from houses and then submit them to the banks respectively. This will also save the time of the clients and they will be happy to pay a little extra for it. 

19- Tax Return Business 

Nowadays, a lot of people want to file their tax returns so for those who want to take the early mover advantage, find the right people and file their tax returns and earn quick money. 

20- Sadqa Service 

You can start collecting sadqa from homes and submit them to the desired NGOs or sadqa centres and charge the additional fee for this. 

21- Home Barber Shop 

You can start a personal grooming service at home for men. For example, there is an app with the name Ghar pe for women in which they provide grooming services at home. 

22- Naan, Paratha, Gole Gappy, Kulfi and Dahi Bhala Service

These are the things people want to eat but for that, they always have to go outside and find them. it is a niche and no one is targeting it. 

23- Lunch Box Service 

There are millions of people who are using Dabba service in Mumbai where there is a specific menu for the week and food will be delivered to the offices and in the factories. We need to develop such a kind of business here in Pakistan as well. There will be good money in it. 

24- Pet Service 

There are many buyers and sellers platforms available online. However, for the grooming of the pets and information about the vaccines and the processes involved and after are yet not readily available for the audience. This can be a great opportunity. 

25- Online Workout & Exercise Tutorials

We can arrange 2-3 good athletes and start producing online exercise lessons and people can join these lessons in their homes and practice along. 

26- Wakeup Call Service 

It may sound weird but yes it is a very good opportunity for the early risers. They can develop a platform where people can enroll for the wake-up calls in the morning or any time of the day for a monthly subscription. 

27- Memory Service For Bills, Records, Doctors & Appointments

Reminder service for every kind of bill or appointment with the doctors, therapist, or chiropractors. 

28- Recreational Activities For Children

It will be like the daycare services but the difference will be that this service will be outside like in parks. Children will be involved in physical activities and focus on their physical development during office hours. Safety will be prioritized at the top. 

29- Test Service For Students

Make a small third part test conducting company and start targeting the schools and tell parents about the importance of your testing services and conduct test to gauge the performance of the students independently. 

30- Accounts Services 

There is an opportunity that people need people to complete their bank works because it is very exhausting. 

31- Visa Services 

It is very important to bridge this gap because there are people who do not want to waste their full day in order to go to the visa office and complete the overall process. 

32- Door to Door Advertisements

Door-to-door marketing will never be old. 

33- Computer & Smartphone Trainings

You can start a home service for the people to train them about computers and smartphones. 

34- Mobile Workshop 

You can go to people’s houses and change the oil, filters of their cars and charge them accordingly. 

35- Cleaning Services 

You can provide cleaning services to the working parents. 

36- Insect Killing 

It may sound funny but in fact, people are much willing to pay more than 500 to kill a lizard in their bedroom. Yes, it is a great opportunity. 

37- Storytelling 

You can provide storytelling service to the kids in their homes and teach them through stories and anecdotes. 

38- Bestseller Book’s Summaries

You can upload audio and written summaries of the bestselling books and people can get the knowledge from it and you will get the money. 

39- Budgeting Services 

You can start a ‘how to save your money service in your neighborhood and tell them how they can save through proper budgeting and through proper managing their expenses. 

40- Trade Services

There is an ever-needed demand for counseling in investments. Guidance in long-term and short-term investments according to industries is a way to earn a lot of money being a sophisticated niche industry. 

41- Career Counselling 

Guiding young students about what courses to opt for according to their aptitude and providing advice about career opportunities and degrees is a sure-shot way of setting up a business. 

42- Vacation Services 

Suggesting destinations and schedules for travel and vacation while providing options for discounts is a very lucrative business idea. 

43- Interview Training Service

Providing training for self-grooming and self-presentation along with being smart interviewees is an area of great interest for new millennials entering the workforce. 

44- Shortlisting Services 

There are many budding recruiting companies and this is a very easy and rapidly established business. Posting jobs for clients and sharing short-listed clients has a good and solid market worldwide. 

45- New Products Introduction Business

Match the needs of existing companies with new solutions being invented and connecting the two can be a source of earning for a researcher. Introduce new products to companies and people. 

46- New China Plaster Machine Import/Export 

The new machine introduced in China serves the great demand for wall plastering. A team of masons can be trained and this service can be provided stand-alone. 

47- Homemade Tiles & Bricks Business

Small machines have been introduced to make bricks and tiles. Setting up this small factory-like setup at home can earn millions. 

48- Clay Crockery Business 

There are many artisans who make clay crockery in Pakistan. Getting customized clay ware made can be sold online to earn a lot. 

49- Chai Khana Business 

There are many tea houses across Pakistan built on the tradition and custom of tea consumption in the country. Redesigning these places with a modern look can attract a huge clientele. 

50- Data Service For Doctors

There is a need for data in modern times to practice any profession. The data for users can be shared with service providers while the data for the service providers can be shared with users for mutual benefit and the data providers can earn potentially millions. 

51- Data Collection Service For Students

You can start a data collection service for the students to tell them what courses and universities they can opt for in their graduate and postgraduate studies. This will further include the scholarship services as well. 

52- Shopping Data 

You can collect the data of the high cash involvement products and the shops offering the best prices and utilize this data to fulfill the needs of the customers who want to purchase such products and take your profit from their purchase. 

53- Online Referral Site

You can use the aforementioned data to start a website where you can guide your visitor about the best offerings available in the market and make millions out of this. The formula of getting 100% success in any of the mentioned businesses will be explained in the next episode. 

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